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Time Warner Cable and SoundView Broadcasting are home to RAVi – America’s First All-Punjabi TV Channel. A year after it’s January 4th launch on Time Warner Cable (a subsidiary of AOL Time Warner, Inc), RAVi -- the new American-based Punjabi television channel originating in the USA -- continues to attract a growing audience. RAVi is available exclusively to the 1.4 million subscribers of Time Warner Cable’s DTV package, throughout four boroughs of New York City (Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, parts of Brooklyn), Mount Vernon, Bergen N.J & Hudson Valley, NY. The first all-Punjabi channel for all Punjabis” -- programmed by and for Punjabi natives residing in the United States -- RAVi is now informing, entertaining and enthralling viewers with the culture, drama, music, arts, news and events from home that expatriate Punjabis have long been craving. Broadcasting from the facilities of Soundview Broadcasting in Long Island City, New York, RAVi celebrates the rich culture and history of the “land of five rivers”, offering shows from East and West Punjab, a variety of multicultural programming from other areas of the world, as well as original RAVi productions featuring popular names in music, dance, religion and culture.

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